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Divorce is often seen as a confusing and emotional process. However, there can be ways to avoid this. One such way is through uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, the major details at hand—which may include factors like what will happen with your children or how property will be divided—are largely agreed upon. A traditional contested divorce can be very hard for children and spouses, but uncontested divorce can facilitate healthy relationships with all parties involved. Through an uncontested divorce, you can save time and money, and potentially prevent yourself from experiencing significant stress.

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Uncontested Divorce Process in Georgia

The following three documents will be filed at the same time:

  • One party files a Petition of Dissolution of Marriage
  • If it is an uncontested divorce, a Marital Settlement Agreement is usually filed with the petition, which states that spouses’ agreements on the terms of the divorce
  • One spouse will usually file an Acknowledgment of Service and Consent to Jurisdiction, which helps expedite the divorce process because it waives the need for the hearing notices that are usually required in a contested divorce.

A few other items needed:

  • Financial affidavits
  • Copy of any past separation agreements between the spouses
  • Consent to Try Within 31 Days
  • Anything else the court may require

The final process of the uncontested divorce:

  • The divorce can be granted within 31 days if there are no minor children involved
  • If a hearing is required, then the petitioning spouse will need to answer a few questions before the judge to verify the uncontested nature of the divorce

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When working on your uncontested divorce case, we can help fill out all necessary documentation and represent you at your legal hearing. We have extensive experience with uncontested divorce proceedings and can use this to ensure your rights are protected!

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